About Kalima Network

The Kalima Affiliate Network was founded by a well skilled and experienced team of iGaming veterans. We’ve been lucky enough to not only be a part of the industry for many decades, but also to witness as it has evolved over the years, using our vast learnings and experiences to better serve our clients. Whether you are a large, established company or a smaller, new market entrant, we can help you achieve your business objectives.

We believe our true value is in our network.

At Kalima Affiliate Network, we understand the importance of relationships. Our many years of experience has taught us that transparency is the key! This is why we are solely committed to forging clear and lasting connections between quality traffic and exciting brands.


Kalima Affiliate Network is connected to a wide range of affiliates and operators from Latin America. We are continually sourcing more quality traffic for operators and high-converting offers for affiliates. This has equipped us with an unrivalled level of bargaining power, enabling Kalima Affiliate Network to offer the most valuable deals to our partners.


Our convenient platform means you can access all aspects of campaign information in one place, saving you time and money. The Kalima Affiliate Network isn’t just a place to connect affiliates and operators but also a place to grow your business, taking your organisation to the next level.

Breaking new ground is in our DNA.

Our ability to catalyse campaigns and facilitate growth has always been the lifeblood and motivation for our team. We are a purpose-built network that serves as a one-stop-shop for those who value convenience, quality and constant growth. If you’re looking to grow your Latin American operation and want your affiliate links, payments, technology, and support services all in the same place, from one capable team, then Kalima Affiliate Network is for you.

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